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Torsion 2 GATE 2024 Fundamental Quiz

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Question 1

A solid circular shaft of diameter 100mm is subjected to a bending moment of 24kNm and a torque of 10kNm. the maximum principal stress induced in the shaft will be.

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statements are correct?

Question 3

In a propeller shaft a torque is applied. Due to this torque maximum compressive direct stress of 30 and maximum shear stress of 70 induced in a shaft, then the maximum tensile stress will be

Question 4

Two shafts A and B are made of the same material. If the diameter of shaft B is twice that of shaft A, then the ratio of power which can be transmitted by shaft A to that of shaft B is

Question 5

A shaft with a circular cross section is subjected to pure twisting moment. The ratio of the maximum shear stress to the largest principal stess is

Question 6

At a certain section of a shaft 80 mm in diameter there is a bending moment of 3.5 kNm and a twisting moment of 5 kNm. If the Poisson’s ratio of material is 0.28 then the magnitude of stress acting alone that can produce the same maximum strain will be
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