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Torsion 1 GATE 2024 Fundamental Quiz

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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

Which of the assumptions are correct in uniform torsion.

Question 2

Three bars made up of same material are connected in series as shown in figure. The rotation at A is

Question 3

If the torsional rigidity of a beam is 1180 kN-m2, the angle of rotation if the beam of length 1.5 m is subjected to a torque of 40 kN-m will be

Question 4

If two shafts one solid and other hollow cross section transmit equal torque having same angle of twist then they must have same

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

A bar AB of length 8m and diameter 100mm is fixed rigidity. Torque 1000 N-m applied at 3m from A. The fixing couple at A and B are

Question 6

A circular bar shown is subjected to twisting moments as shown in the figure below. The reaction at the support A and D will be

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