How to Prepare NDA Maths?

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : May 19th, 2023

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NDA Maths

Maths is an important section in the NDA Exam which must be cleared by the candidates with good scores to increase their chances of selection. It is vital to go through the NDA Maths preparation strategy provided in this article as it is a highly scoring section that can be a game changer in the written exam marks.

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Most Important Chapters for NDA Maths

Before discussing the NDA Maths preparation strategy, let us first talk about the pattern of the Mathematics section.

  • Total duration: 2 ½ hours
  • Total Number of Questions: 120
  • Marks for each correct answer: +2.5
  • Marks for each wrong answer: -0.83
  • Maximum marks: 300

The table below mentions the topics that are asked & the number of questions asked topic-wise in the NDA Mathematics paper.


Marks (estimate)

No. of Questions (estimate)

Sub Topics

NDA Maths Algebra and Vector Algebra



Sets, Venn Diagrams and De Morgan Laws, Cartesian Product Relation, Real and Complex Numbers
Modulus, Binary System, Conversion - decimal to binary and vice versa, Arithmetic, Geometric, and Harmonic Progressions, Equivalence Relation, Cube root of unity, Quadratic equations, Linear Equations, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem and applications, Logarithms and applications, 2-D and 3-D Vectors, Magnitude and direction, Unit and null vectors, Vector Addition, Scalar multiplication of vectors, etc.

NDA Maths Trigonometry



Angles and their degree and radians measure, Trigonometric ratios and identities, Sum and difference formulae, Multiple and sub-multiple angles, Properties of a triangle, Inverse trigonometric functions, Applications, etc.

NDA Maths Matrices and Determinants



Types of matrices, Determinant and properties, Operations on matrices, Adjoint and inverse, Applications, etc.

Statistics and Probability



Classification of data, Frequency Distribution, Cumulative Frequency Distribution, Histogram, Pie Chart, Frequency Polygon, Measure of central tendency, Variance and standard deviance, Correlation and regression, Random experiment, Outcomes and sample spaces, Events and types, Conditional probability, Bayes’ theorem, Random variable, Binomial distribution, etc.

Analytical Geometry



Rectangular Cartesian Coordinate System, Distance Formula, Equation of a line, Angle between two lines, Distance of a point from a line, Equation of a circle, Ellipse, Parabola, and Hyperbola, Eccentricity and axis of a cone, etc.

Differential and Integral Calculus



Real valued function, Range and graph of a function, Composite function, Product and quotient of a function, Derivative of a function at a point, Derivative of sum, Derivative of function with respect to another function, Derivative of a composite function, Second order derivatives, Increasing and decreasing functions, Applications, Integration as inverse of differentiation, Integration by substitution and by parts, Standard integrals, Trigonometric, exponential, and hyperbolic functions, General and particular solution of a differential equation, etc.

The candidate can refer to any of the under-mentioned books to aid in their preparation for the NDA Mathematics section of the exam.

Best Book for NDA Maths

Reading the right NDA Books for Maths is crucial for the exam to develop your concept and build your base. So to reduce your complications, our experts have shared the best books for NDA Maths:

Book Title


Mathematics for NDA and NA: National Defense Academy and Naval Academy

R S Aggarwal

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

R S Aggarwal

Study Package Mathematics NDA/NA Entrance Exam


Path Finder for NDA and NA National Defense Academy/Naval Academy Entrance Examination


NDA Mathematics (Hindi)

RPH Editorial Board

NDA and NA Entrance Examination: Previous Solved Papers

R. Gupta

Mathematics Textbook for Class XI & XII


NDA Mathematics Preparation Tips

Candidates can look at the tips to prepare for the NDA Mathematics paper in the best manner:

  • The candidates must have a clear understanding of the NDA Syllabus & should note important and scoring topics based on the analysis of NDA Previous Year Papers
  • They should make a proper timetable allotting more time to important & high-weightage topics.
  • They should solve NDA Mock Tests as many as possible to get the real feel of the examination & get habitual with time-bounded practice. It will develop the ability to solve maximum questions in a limited time. Also, solve previous year's questions chapter-wise to get an understanding of the level of questions that are asked.
  • They should learn shortcut tricks that can come in handy during exam time. You can refer to our YouTube videos for that.
  • The candidates should remember fast calculation techniques for finding squares & cubes.
  • Make important formulas & shortcuts notes for quick revision.
  • The candidates should focus on developing accuracy while solving the problems in time bound manner. One wrong question can keep you out of the race.

Most Important Topics for NDA Maths

Here are the details of important topics for the NDA Maths section:

  1. Algebra - Questions that are asked in this section are usually easy. Most questions are formula & result oriented. So make sure you remember all the important results of complex numbers (cube root of unity, conjugate, etc.), Binomial theorem, and P&C.
  2. Calculus - It has important chapters like Application of derivatives, differentiation, definite integral, Area under the curve, etc. If you develop a good understanding of graphs & how to use them, you can score good marks in this section.
  3. Coordinate Geometry - This is the most scoring topic in the NDA Maths paper. This is another topic that can help you to acquire maximum marks.

Give more importance to chapters like Vectors, complex numbers, and 3-D as compared to Probability or Indefinite integration. Most of the questions asked are result based. so make sure you maintain notes of all important formulas & results.

Hoping this article will help you in framing a winner strategy for the NDA Maths section. We will be posting more such articles, stay tuned.

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FAQs on NDA Maths

  • NDA Maths is Paper 1 which comprises 120 questions that constitutes a maximum of 300 Marks. There is a negative marking of 0.83 marks for each incorrect answer in the NDA Mathematics paper.

  • Yes, 0.83 marks will be deducted for every wrong response. Therefore, it is advised to the candidates to avoid making wild guesses in the exam and prepare well while learning short tricks to solve NDA Maths questions.

  • Topics like Complex numbers, Permutations and Combinations, vectors & 3 D, Binomial theorem, trigonometry ratios & identities, coordinate geometry & calculus are high weightage topics in the NDA Maths paper.

  • The candidate can refer to any of the under-mentioned books to aid in their preparation for the mathematics section of the NDA exam:

    1. R S Aggarwal: Mathematics for NDA and NA: National Defense Academy and Naval Academy

    2. Arihant Study Package Mathematics NDA/NA Entrance Exam

    3. Path Finder for NDA and NA National Defense Academy/Naval Academy Entrance Examination

    4. NCERT Mathematics Textbook for Class XI & XII

  • The level of questions that are asked in NDA Maths is moderate. First of all make work on your subject & conceptual understanding & then start with practicing PYQs & some extra questions from the books that you have. In the end it all comes down to speed & accuracy, that is how fast you can apply your concept understanding & solve the questions. Always practice in time bound manner.

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