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By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : September 27th, 2022

Tips to prepare the Current Affairs for CAPF Exam have been provided here for the candidate's convenience. This exam is one of the best ways to join the Armed Forces. The exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the country. The exam consists of multiple stages, including a written exam, Physical efficiency test, and Interview. 

The written exam consists of two papers. CAPF current affairs are essential in preparing for the exam, requiring knowledge about the current developments nationally and internationally. Here we are providing the best resources and tips to prepare the current affairs for CAPF AC exam.

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CAPF Current Affairs

Current Affairs for CAPF examination include current events of National and International importance in Polity and governance, International organizations and International relations, Economic issues, Art & Culture, Defence issues, and Sports.

The UPSC has included current affairs in the CAPF Examination, but the syllabus is not well defined. Thus candidates need to have a good hold on CAPF current affairs by reading a good amount of newspapers.

Sources for Reading Current Affairs for CAPF Exam

Candidates should study articles from Press Information Bureau, The Hindu, and Yojana Magazines to prepare for the CAPF current affairs section. The following are the sources for reading current affairs for CAPF:

SourceCAPF Current Affairs Description


The Hindu Newspaper/ Indian Express is the most reliable and suggested source covering social, economic, and political issues.

Daily News Analysis and Editorial analysis can be time-saving tools to comprehensively cover all the factual and Issue-based News in The Hindu newspaper. 

Monthly Magazine

The student should follow the monthly edition of Yojana or any current affairs magazine for compiled Monthly CAPF current affairs.

While reading the Pratiyogita Darpan, one should cover only the first 30-35 pages of the magazine containing Factual National News, International News, Economic News, Culture, Sports, and Science.

For Issue-based News and Socio-economic topics, one should rely on Yojana magazine.

Factual News of 8-9 months before examination of the Defence Sector is an essential part of Current affairs for CAPF AC examination.

Defence sector news includes defense exercises, technologies, initiatives, contracts, and recent appointments.

Students can cover it comprehensively from the Defence section of any monthly magazine. For revision during the last month of preparation, one can refer to a yearly compilation of Defence News published by Pratiyogita Darpan or any other publisher.

Sports News and Awards are an essential part of Current affairs for the CAPF examination; they can be covered by regular reading of the Sport/ Award section of Monthly CAPF Current Affairs Magazine.

PIB and Rajya Sabha TV

For a better understanding of Socio-Economic issues, the Candidate should watch the Rajya Sabha TV debates.

The website of the Press Information Bureau is the most authentic and reliable source for Information related to Government Schemes, Initiatives, and programs.

The candidate should follow the website of the Press Information Bureau regularly.

The candidate should cover the recent Budget and Economic surveys in detail. For this, one can follow the commentary on budget and Economic Survey in The Hindu Newspaper or the Yearly edition of the Economy published by Pratiyogita Darpan.

5 Years Trend Analysis of Current Affairs for CAPF

The UPSC CAPF Current Affairs cover all aspects of recent happenings. Science, History, Geography, Aptitude, etc., will all be included in the current affairs for CAPF. You must be able to prepare CAPF current affairs to recruit. Here is the five-year trend of current affairs questions for the exam:

YearNumber of CAPF Current Affairs Questions

How to Prepare Current Affairs for CAPF?

Candidates are advised to include daily newspaper reading in their routine. Also, focus on economic, social, and political environmental issues and the science and technology development section. Here are some tips to prepare current affairs for CAPF:

  • A candidate, rather than referring to 3 to 4 newspapers, can stick to one or, at the most, two newspapers (The Hindu and Indian Express).
  • Thus, dividing CAPF current affairs into a particular section is very difficult, and it needs to be focused on in sync with the static portion.
  • The habit should be inculcated where if the name of a place occurs that the candidate is not aware it should be looked up in the Atlas.
  • Must make personal notes for schemes and initiatives of the government.
  • Just reading the newspaper content is not sufficient. One must read the static part associated with the news. For example: if BRICS is in the information, one must look up what countries is the BRICS constituted of, where is the BRICS headquarters situated, etc. 
  • By looking up the previous year's questions asked in Paper 1 and 2, a candidate can get an idea as to which areas of the newspaper one must focus on to maximize one’s efficiency.
  • There is no shortage of online and offline current affairs content. Still, it is advised to stick to the limited number of sources and study them comprehensively rather than reading from many resources and revising them only a few times.
  • For Paper 2, CAPF Current Affairs related topics are more likely to come as questions (Essay and Report Writing). Therefore, preparing current affairs for the CAPF exam would help a candidate attempt the questions but also help them write the answer better and score higher marks.
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FAQs on Tips to Prepare Current Affairs for CAPF Exam

  • Candidates should read the newspaper every day. Additionally, pay attention to the growth of science and technology and economic, social, and political environmental challenges. As a result, it is tough to categorize CAPF current affairs into a specific component; instead, it must be prioritized in conjunction with the static element.

  • Topics about CAPF current affairs are more likely to be covered in Paper 2 questions (Essay and Report Writing). As a result, studying current events in advance of the CAPF exam will not only help a candidate answer questions correctly and earn higher marks, but it will also help them attempt more questions.

  • Candidates should read the newspaper every day. Instead of referring to three to four newspapers, candidates should limit themselves to no more than two (The Hindu and Indian Express).

  • The most dependable and advised source for information on social, economic, and political topics is The Hindu Newspaper/Indian Express. For monthly CAPF current affairs, the student should read Yojana or any other current affairs magazine.

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