How to Crack NDA in 2 Months?: Check Study Plan & Key Tips

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : January 25th, 2022

If you are wondering how to prepare for the NDA entrance exam in 2 months, read on to get all the information you need. The NDA exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year. It is not an easy job, so it will take a lot of persistent hard work, especially if you are giving the paper in the first half of the year.

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By reading this article, you will have the resources to be able to come up with a strategy to crack the NDA 2022 written exam in 2 months. You need to curate your way so that it works out for the best in the end, but that will be the most effective way considering you are your best judge. It is said ‘to each, his own’ and that is not just limited to opinions but goes on to explain behaviors and methods that impact us differently even if the stimulus is the same. This is why you should practice self-discipline and study accordingly.

When preparing for such an exam, one needs a proper dedicated study plan and perseverance before even beginning. It is essential to stay focused on the progress you are making and have both hindsight and foresight. Constant hard work with a short amount of breaks will help you get the drill right. Although it is not an impossible task, it requires utmost dedication.

When you are learning the best way to crack NDA written exam, you should keep your mind open to listening and reading a lot. Thanks to the development of technology, we have more than books as a source of learning so if anything is difficult to make sense of or understand, you can always look for a video or conceptual form of information to understand it.

How to Crack the NDA Exam in 2 Months?

Before you even get started with books, you should know all the requirements for these exams intimately. You must follow up with all the needs and requirements. You first need to know eligibility for the NDA Exam.

  • You should be between the age of 16.5 and 19.5 years on the first day of the month in which the course is to commence. If you are applying this year, your date of birth, as on the 10th or 12th mark sheet.
  • For Army wing: 10+2 passing certificate or equivalent that has to be issued by a state board or a university.
  • When applying for the Air Force or Naval Wing, you should either be appearing or must have passed the 10+2 education level or the equivalent with physics and mathematics as studied subjects.
  • A citizen of India or a subject of Nepal/ Bhutan or a Tibetian refugee who had come to India before 1 January 1962, with the intent to settle in the country. A person who migrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka and East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia or Vietnam with the intent to settle in the country. A certificate of eligibility, issued by the government of India needs to be presented in proof of any of the above cases except the Gorkha subjects of Nepal.
  • You should be an unmarried male to be eligible.

There is a non-refundable application fee for NDA of Rs.100 which ST/ SC/ NCOs/ Ors/ Sons of JCOs candidates are exempted from paying, but there is no exemption for OBC candidates, and they are required to pay the full prescribed fee. The said fee is to be deposited by the net banking facility of SBI bank, using MasterCard/ Rupay/ Visa credit or debit cards, or by cash deposited in any SBI bank branch.

Study Plan to crack NDA written exam in 2 months

Understanding the curriculum

The NDA exam has two papers, Mathematics, which contains most of the important topics of intermediate-level study of maths, and General Knowledge, that consists of general science, physics, chemistry, current affairs, and Indian history and geography. For General Knowledge, reading and underlining is the key.

While most other areas can be done through documentaries, movies, and magazines or informative diagrams even, it is because they are relatively more about understanding and memorizing. However, scientific areas can get a little tricky, so you should focus on the NDA previous years’ question papers and get conceptual clarity on key terms.

For mathematics, one can study from external sources depending upon their strengths and weaknesses and the depth of each topic. Using acronyms for learning or making flashcards and posters for memorizing formulae is an effective way that helps in quick learning.

Here’s a preparation tip to crack NDA in 2 months: Mathematics needs a dedicated amount of time every day since the score of this section decides whether the GK section gets checked. Below is the split-up of the Maths paper with section and mark distribution:


Number of Questions and Marks

Differential calculus and integral calculus

24-26 questions or 60-65 marks


20-22 questions or 50-55 marks


20-22 questions or 50-55 marks

Statistics and Probability

10-12 questions or 25-30 marks

Vector Algebra

8-10 questions or 20-25 marks

Analytical Geometry

18-20 questions or 45-50 marks

Determinant and Matrices

8-10 questions or 20-25 marks

Along with the dedicated amount of time given to the Maths section using books like ‘Mathematics for NDA and NA’ by RS Agarwal and Arihant Publications ‘Pathfinder NDA/ NA’, you need to dedicate a set time for English and General Knowledge as well. It is vital to have proper knowledge of physics and chemistry, so you are advised to practice NCERT books well since they have the basics. You can use several different magazines, study material and newspapers for current affairs and make notes out of the important ones for revision.

Tips to crack NDA in 2 months

1- Time management

If you are looking for tips to crack NDA in two months, you are to remember the most essential aspect, that is, time. Your dedication is the key, but if you put a limited amount of time every day that may still fall short of preparing, then there is no guarantee of success.

Accurate time management includes planning either topic-wise or hour-wise. Try having a rough plan from the very beginning so that the NDA syllabus is thoroughly divided and yet the plan should be flexible and have buffer time for revision and extra practice. This will help you have the foresight and hindsight mentioned earlier and allow more space for unexpected adjustments that you will probably come across during the course of preparation.

2- Find your strengths and weaknesses

You should remember to prepare according to yourself and not a set pattern of study you might find online. The only answer to ‘how to crack NDA in 2 months’ is to recognize what you need to work on and then get into it totally. Find out your strong and weak points, mark new ones while you are preparing, and keep working on them.

3- Make a study plan

Give more importance to difficult portions or large portions that require more of your time dedication. It is necessary to be true to yourself while planning and executing the study plans because only you can be the best judge of your capacity and capability. Be immersed in the process but do not get too carried away to exhaust your retention capacity or overtire yourself.

4- Stay healthy

Any exam that you are preparing for needs one more aspect of time management that most students forget while preparing: bodily needs. You need to eat healthy proper food and sleep adequate hours to keep your body fit. You should prepare in full-swing the whole time which means you need to take quick, effective breaks for refreshment and not get lost in the world of social media or get addicted to a game because you can’t afford to lose time. Following a schedule will give you the space to be realistic but also the discipline to stay concentrated.

Wrapping up

While you make a strategy to crack NDA written exam in 2 months, you should keep in mind a lot of factors and balance it out with the help of the natural and physical needs of your body and mind as well. Unless you know how much you can hold, you will overstrain your capacity and harm the procedure rather than helping yourself. Thus, you must consider what you can and cannot do, what you should do to push yourself just enough, and devise your personal way to understand how to prepare for NDA entrance exam in 2 months.

Curating your plan doesn’t mean you should go easy on yourself either. You should plan out, be dedicated, have self-control, exercise and relax every once in a while, and fit into your own definition of flow but with a consistency that can be managed to get you a good rank in NDA 2022 exam.

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