Tips to crack GDPI from 100 percentiler Nilanjan Dutta

By Asakti|Updated : February 8th, 2017

We have shared the success story of Nilanjan Dutta, how he scored perfect 100 percentile in CAT 2016. Read in this article tips on how to handle Group Discussion and Personal Interview from Nilanjan Dutta. This article will surely help you to ace the GDPI procedure.

How to handle the question: Introduce yourself.

GD PI is mostly about introspecting yourself. The first question a candidate is being asked anywhere be it IIM A, B, C, XLRI or FMS, is 'Tell me about yourself.' It is usually what answer you give to this question the interview would flow in that direction. It is very important to know what are the good things about yourself. If you have to sell yourself in the interview as an interesting person you must know what are the qualities about you which you want to talk about. Because what happens in the interview is that the panelists end up taking 15 interviews one after the other and it becomes very strenuous. In the case, you are not that person who stands out of the crowd than there is very low chance that you would be remembered and you would be selected. Therefore standing out is very important. You need to project yourself as a very interesting person someone having a talent beyond the academic field. That spark must come out that you are different from the others and you have a valid reason fir doing MBA. It is not just because you have got good percentile that you are here. It usually happens that people who have a strong record of extracurricular activity so do talk about it. This is something which more likely to interest the panelists.

As per the extracurricular activities are concerned how can a working professional improve his profile and present himself during the interview?

As I said if you have records for extra curricular, you can still talk about that in the interview. And for people with 2-3 years of work experience who do not have extra curricular activities for them their work experience, related information is very important. When you are describing the work experience it should not be something boring related with work. It is something that you must have done challenging at your work. The panelists must come to know that this candidate has done some impactful thing at work and this person is ready for challenges.

With which questions you faced difficulty in answering?

I was asked some questions on my engineering academics. I faced some difficulty in answering those questions. I had focused a lot of extracurricular activities, so I was asked the questions from that only. Sometimes panelists do ask random uncomfortable questions as well.

I was part of top 30 in India student startup. I was the head of the entrepreneur cell in my college. There were a lot of questions asked on why do you want to go for a regular MBA program and not an entrepreneurship course. And if you are looking for entrepreneurship then why would you want to waste 15 lakhs in an MBA program instead of starting up right now. This was a question which was pretty challenging because most people start talking about startups in their MBA interviews whether they have any background or not.

The other was about my interest in dramas and plays. How did I develop the interest and other such questions. Once I was playing the role of female, I was asked details of that role.

At the end of the day, it is all about presenting yourself and talking interestingly about yourself.  It usually happens in an interview that if you tell them that you like singing and dancing, then you are asked to perform. The aspirant should not restrict himself to anything. I was asked to perform some lines from a play and I did 4 lines from Julius Ceaser and after I was done performing all of them stood and clapped and said that they have not seen such a performance in the interview till date. When you get such remarks, your chances of selection automatically increases. Therefore extracurricular is that part where you can entertain as well as engage the panelists. They already know your academics. They already know that you are intelligent as you have passed the exam.

Is there any correlation between gd and pi. Especially when someone has not performed well in GD then how to cover up that in PI?

As per the GD is concerned, it is not entirely in your hand it also depends on other group members, it might happen that you did not get a chance to speak or maybe somebody was cutting you down everytime you speak. But the good thing with PI is that it always hold more weightage. PI is a place where it's your time. It is you who decide what you want to talk and you make your comfort zone, you have your 15 minutes to impress the panel. And if you can turn the PI and you can make them believe that you are good with the communication skills your GD marks can also go up.  


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