Important Tips to crack NMAT 2018 with good score!

By Peeyush Awasthi|Updated : October 4th, 2018

 Tips to Score Well in NMAT

 Following are some tips to help you prepare well for your attempts:


  • To nail NMAT, one must eye for speed. With 120 questions to be solved in 120 mins, the importance of speed is paramount. Accuracy, though is important, comes only after speed.
  • To do this, set a timer while solving questions. It’ll give you a fair idea of the time taken to solve each type of question. You can then introspect and improve your speed accordingly.
  • On an average, you will have about ¾ minutes for each verbal question and about 1.25 minutes for each quantitative question.

Choose Your Sections Order Wisely:

  • NMAT gives the option to start with section of your choice. Start with the section you are most comfortable with. LR section is a bit exhausting and hence it is suggested to not start with LR.
  • Start off with your stronger section. Attempt all those questions which you are extremely confident about. It will help you build up your confidence.
  • Since, the horrors of negative marking is not present, one must try and attempt all the questions. The questions, about which you are clueless, avoid wasting more than two seconds on it.
  • Attempt your weakest sections in the end.

Do not spend too much time on any one question:

  • Some question may appear easy but can be very tricky and difficult when you sit down to solve them. Avoid, such questions as they only eat up your valuable time.
  • Every NMAT paper has some easy questions which can fetch you brownie points. These shouldn’t be left.


  • Before you attempt the actual NMAT, you should develop a practice of taking a mock.
  • Before attempting a mock, make sure you have a strategy. After attempting it, analyse if the same worked in your favour. Thereafter, accordingly, refine your strategies for the upcoming mocks. This will help you get better as the exam nears.
  • A Calculator will not be the best of your friend while practicing the quant section. It may develop a dependency on the same and affect your speed in the actual exam.

Some other important facts:

  • There is a sectional cutoff as well as an overall cutoff for NMAT
  • The overall cutoff varies between 210-215
  • The sectional cutoff varies between 45%-50% of the overall sectional marks depending on difficulty level.

 Distribution of question and timing for each section is tabulated below:



Timing (Minutes)

Verbal Ability



Logical Reasoning



Quantitative Aptitude



 According to NMAT 2017 results, a scaled score between 222-238 was equivalent to 99 percentile, a scaled score of 217/216 was equivalent to 97 percentile and a scaled score of 210/211 was equivalent to 94 percentiles.

Below mentioned are the cut-offs of NMIMS Mumbai and Bengaluru/Hyderabad campuses:

NMIMS Mumbai Campus programme

Sectional score

Overall score






MBA and MBA – HR - Mumbai Campus





NMIMS other campuses PGDM Programme






Quote from NMAT 2014 Topper Anjum Sheikh: I started my preparation for NMAT in January 2014. Initially, I spent time in clearing my doubts and learning the basics. Once my doubts were cleared and my basics were strong, I started with the mock tests. I made sure that each day I spend a minimum of 3 hours for solving problems. For cracking NMAT with a good score a person needs to increase his speed of solving problems and this was my basic strategy.


Last Words from Gradeup:

  • Revision is a very important ingredient of the NMAT preparation strategy. This will help boost your confidence level with every passing day.
  • NMAT exam is like a breeze. It ends in the blink of an eye. Your demeanour is very crucial in this respect. You need to stay smart, positive, confident and calm.
  • Have all the formulas on the tip of your tongue and learn the shortcuts well.
  • Choose your options wisely. A paper will have all sorts of question, ranging from easy to moderate to difficult. Thus, how you go about attempting the paper becomes very crucial. Start with questions which are relatively easier. It will be a major psychological booster.


Best of Luck!

Team Gradeup



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