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Question 1

20 men complete one-third of a work in 20 days. How many more men should be employed to finish the rest of work in 25 more days ?

Question 2

If 1 man or 2 women or 3 boys can do a work in 94 days, then in how many days will 3 men, 5 women and 7 boys do the same work.

Question 3

16 children and 24 men complete a certain work in 18 days. If each child takes twice the time taken by a man to finish the work, in how many days will 24 men finish the same work ?

Question 4

A takes twice as much time as B or thrice as much time as C to finish a piece of work. Working together, they can finish the work in 6 days. B can do the work alone in?

Question 5

A and B can do a piece of work in 16 days and 15 days. As they were ill, they could do 80% and 60% of their efficiency respectively. How many days will they take to complete the work together.

Question 6

3 men can do a piece of work in 18 days. 6 children can also do that work in 18 days. 4 men and 4 children together will finish the work in how many days ?

Question 7

If 12 men or 18 women can do a piece of work in 14 days. How long will 8 men and 16 women take to finish the work ?

Question 8

6 men can complete a work in 10 days, 9 women can complete it in 15 days and 15 children can complete the same work in 20 days. In how many days can 10 men, 15 women and 20 children complete the same work?

Question 9

3 men can do a piece of work in 6 days. 5 women can do the same work in 18 days. If 4 men and 10 women work together, then how long will it take to finish the work ?

Question 10

Praveen is 25% more efficient than Ravenna to complete the same work and Ravenna can do the work in 20 days. Find total time taken to complete the work by Praveen.
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