Tick the correct answer. The rock which is made up of molten magma is A) Igneous B) Sedimentary C) Metamorphic D) None of these

By K Balaji|Updated : September 4th, 2022

The rock which is made up of molten magma is called the Igneous rocks. Igneous rock is also known as the magmatic rock (because made up of molten magma). The igneous rocks are formed when the magma or the lava is cooled and solidified. The magma can be derived from the partially melted rocks in the earth’s crust or mantle. E.g., Diorite, Granite.

Different Types of Rocks

There are three different types of rock based on their origin. The three different types of rocks are as follows-

  • Igneous rocks- The rocks from the lava's cooling and solidification. These are formed from the molten magma that comes from the earth’s surface These are of two types. If it forms large crystals below the earth’s surface, it is called the Intrusive igneous rock, whereas if the rocks erupt on the surface and form tiny crystals, then it is called the Extrusive igneous rock.
  • Sedimentary rock- The rocks formed due to the deposition and subsequent cementation of the material within water bodies and the earth’s surface by the sedimentation process is called sedimentary rock. Depending upon the sedimentation mechanism, these are further of three kinds- Clastic, Chemical, and Organic sedimentary rocks.
  • Metamorphic rocks- The rocks that are formed because of high temperature and pressure deep beneath the surface of the earth are called Metamorphic rocks. They form most of the earth’s crust. These are further divided into foliated and non-foliated metamorphic rocks.

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  • Igneous rocks are formed from molten magma. These rocks are formed due to the lava's cooling and solidification. These can be formed with or without crystallization below or above the earth’s surface.

  • There are two types of Igneous rocks. These are Intrusive igneous rocks and extrusive ones depending upon the formation of larger and smaller crystalized rocks.

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