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Thermal stresses and poisson's QUIZ II Achievers Quiz 3

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Question 1

The value of Poisson ratio for cork is ______.

Question 2

A rod of length L, diameter d which is restrained to expand along its length is free to expand diametrically, is heated by a temperature difference T. if the coefficient of thermal expansion of the material is α and Poisson’s ratio is μ. The diameter after temperature change is

Question 3

Which of the following statements is incorrect?

Question 4

A bar of Aluminum and Brass form a composite system. When a system is heated to a temperature of 65°C from room temperature. The stress induced in brass bar is ______.

Question 5

A rod of 50mm diameter and 1000mm length is hinged at both of its ends. The elastic modulus is 150 GPa and coefficient of linear expansion is 15×10-6/ . The temperature rise that wil be sufficient to buckle the rod will be ___________.

Question 6

A copper bar of 25 cm length is fixed by means of supports at its ends. Supports can yield (total) by 0.01 cm. If the temperature of the bar is raised by 100 °C, then the stress induced in the bar for if αc = 20×10-6C and Ec = 0.5×105 MPa will be

Question 7

A stress element is shown below and stress σx = 85 MPa, σy = 60 MPa, σz = 45 MPa. The poisson’s ratio is μ and youngs modulus of elasticity is 220 GPa.The value of μ for strain to be zero in z-direction is ____

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