The Value of the Prime Meridian is

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The value of the Prime Meridian is 0° longitude. From the Prime Meridian, 180° eastward, as well as 180° westward, are counted. The eastern hemisphere and the western hemisphere are divided into two halves by the Prime Meridian and 180° meridian.

Where is Prime Meridian?

The meridian that passes through Greenwich, England is called Prime Meridian. The eastern part of the earth to the prime meridian is called the eastern hemisphere whereas the western part is known as the western hemisphere.

When the sun in Greenwich is at the highest point in the sky, all places along this meridian will have mid-day or noon. Prime meridian helps in determining the time zone of the countries. The time increases at the rate of four minutes per one degree of longitude.

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  • The value of the prime meridian is 0° longitude. It is located in Greenwich, England.

  • Another name for the prime meridian is the International meridian or Greenwich meridian.

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