The Terminal Count of a Modulus 11 Binary Counter is

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : July 24th, 2022

Choose the right answer to the question; the terminal count of a modulus 11 binary counter is from the following options and the detailed explanation.

  1. 1010
  2. 1000
  3. 1001
  4. 1100

Answer - A.

The Terminal count of a modulus 11 binary counter is 1010.


The detailed solution to the question, the terminal count of a modulus 11 binary counter, is provided here. 

The binary Modulus-11 counter needs 4 FFs. There are 11 possible states for it. Terminal count denotes the capability of the binary Modulus-11 counter to count. Eleven states correspond from 0 to 10.

The highest value it can count is 10 (1010 in binary), which is the terminal count.

Hence, Option (A) is the correct answer. 

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