The Term Yavanapriya Mentioned in Ancient Sanskrit Texts Denoted

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : August 26th, 2022

The term Yavanapriya mentioned in Ancient Sanskrit texts denoted the passion of the yavanas which means pepper. Spices exported from India to the Roman empire included pepper, also called yavanapriya. It was perhaps because of its popularity among Romans. Apart from spices, Romans also imported several precious and semiprecious stones like diamond, carnelian, turquoise, agate, sapphire, etc.

What was Yavanapriya?

Pepper was called Yavanapriya. It was one of the spices that were exported to the Romans. Pepper or Yavanapriya was a popular spice among Romans. Spices were the main requirement of the Romans in addition to perfumes, jewels, ivory, and fine textiles, i.e. muslin. The spice trade with the Roman empire was largely based in south India.

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  • The term Yavanapriya mentioned in Ancient Sanskrit texts denotes pepper. It was a popular spice among the Romans. It was imported by the Roman empire from India

  • In Yavanapriya, the term ‘Yavana’ means Greeks in Sanskrit whereas ‘Priya’ means pepper

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