The Performance of a Well is Measured by its

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 5th, 2022

The performance of a well is measured by its-

  1. Specific capacity
  2. Specific yield
  3. Storage coefficient
  4. Permeability coefficient

Answer - A. Specific Capacity

The performance of a well is measured by its specific capacity.


Specific capacity: It is calculated by dividing the yield discharge of a well to the drawdown. It refers to the efficiency of the well. It is an indicative parameter of the performance of a well.

Specific yield: It is the rate of water which percolates in the well under a unit head.

Storage coefficient: Storage coefficient or Storativity is the volume of water which is removed from the unit area of an aquifer per unit drop in the hydraulic head.

Permeability coefficient: Permeability coefficient given by Darcy is mostly used for the characterization of rocks and soils. It is a measure of the resistance of a pervious structure to the flow of fluid through the pervious material.

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