The Masculine Gender of Vixen?

By Raj Vimal|Updated : July 11th, 2022

Fox is an animal that is usually founded in jungles. It can not be kept in the house or simple words. We can say that it can not be a pet. It comes from a dog family with a long hairy tail Fox is a male gender of its kind. They produce their kids with Vixen, the female fox. It is usually considered very aggressive in nature, not kind.

Animals and Their Opposite Gender:

  • Vixen is the opposite gender of Fox
  • Dog Opposite Gender is Bitch or dam (Female Dog)
  • Ewe Opposite Gender is a ram (Female Sheep)
  • Bull Opposite Gender is Cow
  • Goose Opposite Gender is Gander (Male Goose)
  • Duck Opposite Gender is Drake (Male Duck)

Facts About Foxes

Here is some quick information about the Foxes and their characteristics.

  • Natively foxes are from Britain.
  • They come from a dog family and are slightly bigger than cats.
  • Vulpes-Vulpes is the Latin name of Fox
  • Foxes can live up to 14 years.
  • Foxes live in a den
  • They can eat anything, including fruits and meat.


The Masculine Gender of Vixen?

Vixen is the musculin gender of Fox. Initially, it is hard to identify between fox and vixen as both look the same. However, if you have basic knowledge about their biological characteristics, you can easily identify them. A male fox is known as a fox, a female fox is known as a Vixen, and the kids of this animal are known as Cubs.

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The Masculine Gender of Vixen FAQs

  • Vixen is a female Gender of Fox. they come from a dog family that has a long bushy tail. They are usually found in the den of the Forest. They can eat anything they get.

  • The baby foxes are known as cubs. They Initially remain close to their mother and do not step out of their dan.


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