The formula unit mass of CaCl2 is - (a) 105 u (b) 111 u (c) 121 u (d) 100 u

By Ritesh|Updated : October 27th, 2022

The unit mass formula is 111 u for CaCl2. Atomic Mass of Ca= 40. Atomic Mass of Chlorine= 35.5 x2 = 71. The empirical formula unit mass of a compound is defined as the sum of the masses of all the atoms multiplied by the sum of their individual masses. Formula Unit Mass = 40+71= 111. CaCl2 or Another name for calcium chloride is Ice Bite.

Calcium Chloride (CaCl2)

Calcium chloride's chemical name is CaCl2. Hygroscopic, liquescent, and dissolving exothermically in water is calcium chloride.

Chemical formula


Molecular weight

110.98 g/mol


2.15 g/cm3 anhydrous

Melting point

772–775 °C anhydrous

Boiling point

1,935 °C anhydrous

It is frequently used as a diuretic that produces acid, to replenish calcium levels, as an antidote for magnesium sickness, and as brine for refrigeration plants. Calcium chloride irritates the skin by drying off moist skin when it comes into touch with it. It can burn the mouth and esophagus when consumed.


The formula unit mass of CaCl2 is - (a) 105 u (b) 111 u (c) 121 u (d) 100 u

111u is the formula unit mass of CaCl2. 40 is the atomic mass of Ca and 71 is the atomic mass of chlorine.


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