The First computers were programmed using _______?

By Raj Vimal|Updated : October 12th, 2022

(A) Assembly language

(B) Machine language

(C) Source code

(D) Object code

The first computers were programmed using machine language. The first generation of computers were produced between 1946 and 1959. Vacuum tubes served as the foundational parts of the memory and CPU circuits in computers. This generation mostly employed machine codes and batch processing operating systems as the programming language.

Machine Language For First Computers 

  • Machine language or machine code was employed to create the first computer programming system.
  • Functionally speaking, this language is a binary digit system.
  • The earliest computers translated and interpreted processing programmes primarily using binary digits, or bits.
  • However, the language is also categorized as a computer language or object code.
  • Therefore, a piece of computer equipment can only understand machine language.

The language that computers can understand is called machine language. Although it is exceedingly challenging to comprehend, it is the only thing that the computer can use. Machine language is the end result of all programmes and programming languages. Binary numbers make up all of the instructions and data in machine language. In order to make machine language a little bit easier to read, it is typically displayed in hexadecimal format.


The first computers were programmed using ____? (A) Assembly language (B) Machine language (C) Source code (D) Object code

Machine language was used to programme the first personal computers. Between 1946 and 1959, the first generation of computers was created. Computer memory and CPU circuits were built from the ground up using vacuum tubes.


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