Who is the Father of Sociology?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : July 8th, 2022

While countless individuals have contributed to the development of the field of sociology, only one person is credited with the title of father of sociology. August Comte, was a French Philosopher who developed a scientific method for studying Sociology. According to Comte, Sociology is perhaps the most significant branch of sociology.


A French Philosopher called August Comte is referred to as the father of Sociology

August Comte analysed the activities of humans as well as the society and wrote about his observations. He is also referred to as the first social philosopher who worked extensively to provide the status of science to sociology and used the term ‘Sociology’ for the first time.

Compte believed in a religion of humanity and hoped for unity and harmony in humans.

Lastly, he observed and studied society through a scientific lens and earned the title of father of sociology.


Who is the Father of Sociology?

A French philosopher called August Comte was given the title of father of sociology for his contribution to the field of sociology and for depicting the significance of science to the masses. He was the first one who used the term ‘sociology’ and had strong supporters like Emile Durkheim, Herbert Spencer, and Max Weber. 


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