The Damping Method Used in Horizontally Mounted Moving Iron Instrument is

By K Balaji|Updated : November 9th, 2022

(a) Eddy current damping

(b) Electro magnetic damping

(c) Fluid friction damping

(d) Air friction damping

The damping method used in horizontally mounted moving iron instrument is air friction damping.

Damping Torque

A system's movement can be controlled physically by creating a motion that resists the system's inherent oscillation. This process is known as damping torque. The damping torque is delivered by an indicating device.

The moving system's rotational speed and damping torque are proportional to one another. The following is the given relationship between the speed of rotation and the damping torque:

Tv = kv d dt𝛳


d dt𝛳 = speed of rotation of the moving system

kv = damping torque constant

By moving the piston in and out of an air chamber, the air friction damping is produced. Compression occurs inside the chamber as the piston moves in. The piston feels a force when it emerges from the chamber. When the electric field is weak, air friction dampening is the most effective way to reduce torque. This is because there are no electric elements in air to dampen friction and distort the electric field. In moving iron instruments that are positioned horizontally, air friction damping is used.


The Damping Method Used in Horizontally Mounted Moving Iron Instrument is

Air friction damping is the damping technique used in instruments for moving iron that are positioned horizontally.

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