The Conductance of an 8-Ohm Resistance is

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 14th, 2022

The conductance of an 8-ohm resistance is-

  1. 12.5 mS
  2. 12 mS
  3. 12 S
  4. 125 mS

Answer: D. 125 mS

The conductance of 8-ohm resistance is 125 mS.


In electric circuit analysis, the reciprocal resistance “R” is known as conductance which is denoted by the symbol "G”.


Here, i= current through an element

V= voltage across the element.

Conductance is the ability of an element to conduct electric current through it.

Conductance is denoted by the symbol (or) Siemens (S).

1S=1 ℧=1 Ampere/Volt


Resistance R=8Ω,

So, the conductance of the element G=1/R

G=1/=0.125 ℧

G=125 m℧=125 mS

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