The Complex Programmable Logic Device Contains Several PLD Blocks and

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : July 22nd, 2022

The complex programmable logic device contains several PLD blocks and

  1. Field-programmable switches
  2. AND/OR arrays
  3. A global interconnection matrix
  4. A language compiler

Answer: C - A global interconnection matrix

The Complex programmable logic device contains several PLD blocks and A global interconnection matrix.


The complex programmable logic device's detailed solution to the question contains several PLD blocks and is provided here. 

Multiple circuit blocks are contained on a single chip in a CPLD. Each block resembles a PAL or PLA.

The CPLD's blocks can be joined together thanks to a programmable switch matrix, interconnection array, or interconnection matrix that connects these logic blocks.

Because of this configuration, the CPLD's architecture is less adaptable. A CPLD's propagation latency is predictable, though. This benefit enabled CPLDs to mimic ASIC systems, which run at higher frequencies.

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