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Question 1

Water is flowing through a horizontal pipe at a velocity of 4 m/s and pressure of with area of cross-section changing from 0.04 m2 to . Pressure with which the water comes out from the other end is 6 × 10n Pa. What is the value of n

Question 2

Two non-mixing liquids of densities and n (n> 1) are put in a container. The height of each liquid is h. A solid cylinder of length Land density d is put in this container. The cylinder floats with its axis vertical and length pL (P<1) in the denser liquid. The density d is equal to

Question 3

The speed of air flow on the upper and lower surfaces of a wing of an aero plane is v1and v2 respectively. If A is the cross section area of the wing and p is the density of air, then the upward lift is

Question 4

Water flows in a horizontal tube having two ends A and B having cross sectional area 50 cm2 and 25 cm2 respectively. What will be the rate of flow of water if the pressure between ends A and B change by 500 N/m2?

Question 5

If W be the weight of a body of density  in vacuum then its apparent weight in air of density  is

Question 6

The approximate depth of an ocean is 2700 m. The compressibility of water is 45.4 x 10-11 Pa-1 and density of water is 103kg/m 3. What fractional compression of water will be obtained at the bottom of the ocean?

Question 7

A hollow sphere of volume V is floating on water surface with half immersed in it. What should be the minimum volume of water poured inside the sphere so that the sphere now sinks into the water?

Question 8

A wind with speed 40m/s blows parallel to the roof of a house. The area of the roof is 250m2. Assuming that the pressure inside the house is atmospheric pressure, the force exerted by the wind on the roof and the direction of the force will be (pair= 1.2 kg/m3)

Question 9

In a hydraulic press, the cross-sectional area of the two cylinder is . If work done by F1is 16 J, the small plunger moves down by 0.8 m. Find the value of F1.

Question 10

A piston of cross-section area 100 cm2 is used in a hydraulic press to exert a force of 107 dynes on the water. The cross-sectional area of the other piston which supports an object having a mass 2000 kg. is

Question 11

The correct order of the atomic radii of C, Cs, Al, and S is :

Question 12

Electron gain enthalpy with negative sign of fluorine is less than that of chlorine due to :

Question 13

Identify the compound which has all the three types of bonds - ionic, covalent and co-ordinate bond.

Question 14

Which of the given statements is INCORRECT about glycogen?

Question 15

Which of the following is not the characteristic of amylopectin?

Question 16

Find the correctly matched pair from the following:

Question 17

Which of the following ion will have highest radius?

Question 18

Arrange the elements Se, Cl and S in the increasing order of ionization energy

Question 19

Electron affinity is positive, when

Question 20

Sucrose on hydrolysis yields a mixture which is

Question 21

If the x-intercept of some line L is double as that of the line, 3x+4y=12 and the y-intercept of L is half as that of the same line, then the slope of L is:

Question 22

Find the equation of the circle passing through the intersection of the circles and and the point (3,4)

Question 23

Find the equation of the parabola with vertex at the origin, passing through the point P (5, 2) and symmetric with respect to the y-axis.

Question 24

The roots of (x – a) (x – b) = abx2

Question 25

is equal to?

Question 26

The value of 2 cot-1-cot-1 is

Question 27

Find the range of function f defined by f(x) = - 2 x2 + 4 x + 2

Question 28

What is C(n, r) + 2C(n, r - 1) + C(n, r - 2) equal to?

Question 29

Find the corresponding point of of auxiliary circle at .

Question 30

The complex numbers sin x + i cos 2x and cos x - i sin 2x are conjugate to each other for
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