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Teaching Methodology Quiz: 05.06.2018

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Question 1

Type of reinforcement which produces the slowest rate of extinction is

Question 2

Which is true about the inductive method of teaching grammar?

Question 3

Disability which affects a child’s hand writing ability and fine motor skills

Question 4

Which is the biggest advantage of giving regular homework to students?

Question 5

As per Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, which form of intelligence is not valued in schools?

Question 6

The best way to teach children about the process of filtration would be

Question 7

Lecture method of teaching is recommended to which groups of students?

Question 8

Which type of assessment is used for identifying learning deficiencies?

Question 9

How do we get knowledge and how can we be sure it is true and free of error? This area of philosophy is called

Question 10

The concept of totalitarian education in the West was in favour of
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