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Question 1

In a kindergarten class, it would be unreasonable to expect a child to

Question 2

A quiet reserved fourth grader brings roadmaps to school and looks at them, whenever he gets a chance. The teacher should

Question 3

Of the following, the most promising step for a teacher to take in order to improve class discipline is to

Question 4

Of the following statements about slow learners and bright children, the correct one is that

Question 5

Creative writing should be an activity planned for

Question 6

The teacher of a class, with a sizeable number of Chicanos, notice that the chicanes and other children from two separate group on the school’s playground. The teacher is advised to

Question 7

A normal child of twelve years of age is most likely to

Question 8

“At least one-third of learning that will determine later levels of school achievement has already taken place by the age of six.’’ This is a statement most closely associated with the writings of

Question 9

All of the following advocated principles of child development are closely allied to the stimulus-response learning theory, except

Question 10

According to the Dalton Scheme of education; which one of the following is dominant?
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