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Teaching Methodology Quiz: 26.05.2018

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Question 1

“Educational Psychology is a systematic study of educational growth”. This definition of educational psychology is given by -

Question 2

A selected response question requires the student to

Question 3

If a child’s chronological age is 12 years and he can take the intelligence test meant for 15 years old child, then his I.Q. will be –

Question 4

The stage of cognitive development, according to Piaget, in which a child displays ‘object performance’ is -

Question 5

In a child, process of concept formation begins when he is

Question 6

_________ is a device for helping teachers to specify how much test space to denote to various topics.

Question 7

Secondments, attachments, shadowing/ observation and study tours provide

Question 8

Vipin is a day – dreamer, having interest in reading books not able to express his views before others, non-friendly and idealistic boy. Then, the type of personality he has –

Question 9

The way to acquire the necessary skills and competencies may include

Question 10

Social reasoning focuses on thoughts about social consensus, moral reasoning emphasize on
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