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Question 1

The most appropriate method of teaching Arithmetic at primary level is

Question 2

The process by which area weakness of a child in Maths is identified, is known as -

Question 3

ECM embeds both the pragmatic and cognitive perspectives in a developmental theory of

Question 4

If a child’s chronological age is 12 years and he can take the intelligence test meant for 15 years old child, then his I.Q. will be –

Question 5

Secondments, attachments, shadowing/ observation and study tours provide

Question 6

What are the attributes of an effective learner?

Question 7

The quality of a good Science text book is

Question 8

A social studies teacher wants to teach the voting procedure to the students of class 8. The most appropriate method she should use is

Question 9

A science teacher asks students to give examples of solid, liquid and gas. Here giving examples is related to –

Question 10

In language the order in which skills are taught is
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