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Question 1

The informal textbook test is

Question 2

In a kindergarten class, it would be unreasonable to expect a child to

Question 3

What should be done to determine the future education of a child after his entrance examination ?

Question 4

The project education method of teaching is associated with

Question 5

The complementary system of management and organization is-

Question 6

A lesson, in which examples are given first and then, students are told to delineate a general rule or principle, is known as a/an

Question 7

Who is considered to be the creator of the play-way method of education?

Question 8

The parent of a fourth grader refuses to give permission to her child to go on a class trip. The teacher should, first of all

Question 9

Why do you not support the five-stage method of Herbart?

Question 10

“This methodology trains the child to search for facts, rules and principles by his own efforts, organise the set of knowledge gained and delineate general rules.” The aforementioned statement is about the following methodology of teaching
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