Symon's Rain Gauge Is

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 12th, 2022

Symon's rain gauge is

  1. Tipping-bucket gauge
  2. Weighing type gauge
  3. Float recording gauge
  4. Non-recording gauge

Answer: D. Non-recording gauge

Symon's rain gauge is a non-recording gauge.


There are two types of rain gauges that are used to quantify the amount of precipitation in any catchment. These gauges are known as:

Recording type rain gauge:

  • Weighing bucket type: Weighing bucket type is a recording type of rain gauge. It consists of a bucket attached to a weighing mechanism like spring balance. As rainwater fills in the bucket, Its increasing weight is reflected on a sheet by a pen attached to the weighing mechanism.
  • Tipping bucket type: In the tipping type of rain gauge rainwater collects in a funnel and after filling the funnel it tips and drains the water and again reads as empty. These records of tipping of the funnel of buckets are noted in the chart.
  • Float type: In the float type of rain gauge, fluctuation of float represents the amount of rainfall.

Non-recording type rain gauge:

Symon's rain gauge: Symon’s gauge is a non-recording gauge used by the meteorological department of India. In the Symon's rain gauge, rain water is collected in a cylindrical bottle which is measured manually on daily basis.

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