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Question 1

निम्न में से संयोजक चिन्ह है -

Question 2

निर्देश: वर्तनी के अनुसार शुद्ध शब्द का चयन कीजिएः

Question 3

निम्नांकित में से कौन-सा करण तत्पुरूष समास का उदाहरण है ?

Question 4

"नम्" धातु लट्लकार प्रथम पुरुष एकवचन का रूप होगा -

Question 5

'दृश्यते' अत्र मूलधातु अस्ति-

Question 6

Identify the kind of following sentence:

The dog started barking so, the cat ran away and I couldn’t keep up, so I stopped.

Question 7

Change the following sentence from exclamatory to assertive sentence:

How wonderful the show was!

Question 8

Direction: Convert the speech of the given sentence:

He said that he had not bought a car.

Question 9

Which among these incidents was associated with the death of Lala Lajpat Rai?

Question 10

Which event introduced separate electorate in which Muslims can only vote for Muslim candidates?

Question 11

In which city of India did the East India Company established first?

Question 12

During the prenatal period, the head develops more rapidly than the lower part of the body, this principle of development is known as:

Question 13

A man buys an article for rupees 40 and sales it for rupees 45. Find his gain percent?

Question 14

The total of Ages of Jaanvi, Ankita and Anjali is 105 years. 5 year ago the ratio of their ages was 5 : 6 : 7 what is the present age of Ankita?

Question 15

Two perpendicular sides of a triangle are 3 cm and 4 cm, then what will be the value (in cm) of third side?
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