Sunday Ka Funda: Learn GATE Fundamentals & Tricks with LIVE Experiments

By Mona Kumari|Updated : May 27th, 2022

Hi Engineers

Fundamentals of the GATE exam and tricks to know the gist of any topic comprise the basics need of any student pursuing engineering. They often play a crucial role in determining the cutoffs and qualification benchmarks in these various exams, such as GATE ESE, etc. Besides acting as a decisive measuring yardstick of the candidate’s technical foundation skills, they are a basic prerequisite for students who aspire to pursue higher education. Hence, you need to have a grip on solving questions on the fundamentals of every topic related to your branch for the GATE exam.

Understanding the application of whatever you read in real life gives you a clear picture of that topic. GATE and ESE are the two most important exams for every engineering student. And you all must be aware that to clear these exams with flying colors, and you need to be the master of basic concepts. So by keeping this in mind, we are launching an exclusive series: Sunday Ka Funda, A Complete Series for learning GATE Fundamentals & Tricks with LIVE Experiments. 

So it's time to feel special as we are launching an exclusive Sunday ka Funda YouTube Series For learning GATE Fundamentals & Tricks with LIVE Experiments. We have already promised to make it a one-stop destination for all the Engineers of BYJU'S Exam Prep, so we bring you an important series that assures you to get a better understanding of the logic behind everything you read and score good marks in the GATE 2023 Exam.

It will be the free YouTube series on BYJU'S GATE Hindi channel. Classes will begin from 5th June every SUNDAY. Our BYJU'S GATE expert faculty will cover important subjects for the GATE 2023 Exam. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe now to the BYJU'S Exam Prep GATE, ESE & PSU YouTube Channel for all the LIVE Classes.

Find the schedule below for the classes: EE/EC

Live DateDayFacultySubject NameTitleClass LinkTime
5-Jun-2022SundayAshu Jangra   10:30 AM
12-Jun-2022SundayChandan Jha   10:30 AM
19-Jun-2022SundayAnkit Joshi   10:30 AM
26-Jun-2022SundayAshu Jangra   10:30 AM
3-Jul-2022SundayChandan Jha   10:30 AM
10-Jul-2022SundayAnkit Joshi   10:30 AM
17-Jul-2022SundayAshu Jangra   10:30 AM
24-Jul-2022SundayChandan Jha   10:30 AM
31-Jul-2022SundayAnkit Joshi   10:30 AM
7-Aug-2022SundayAshu Jangra   10:30 AM
14-Aug-2022SundayChandan Jha   10:30 AM
21-Aug-2022SundayAnkit Joshi   10:30 AM

Find the schedule below for the classes: ME

Live DateDayFacultySubjectTitleClass LinkTime
5-Jun-2022SundaySonu Chauhan   10:00 AM
12-Jun-2022SundayOnkar Otariproduction engineeringLets see th.e spinning operation 10:00 AM
19-Jun-2022SundaySonu Chauhan   10:00 AM
26-Jun-2022SundayOnkar Otari   10:00 AM
3-Jul-2022SundaySonu Chauhan   10:00 AM
10-Jul-2022SundayOnkar Otari   10:00 AM
17-Jul-2022SundaySonu Chauhan   10:00 AM
24-Jul-2022SundayOnkar Otari   10:00 AM
31-Jul-2022SundaySonu Chauhan   10:00 AM
7-Aug-2022SundayOnkar Otari   10:00 AM
14-Aug-2022SundaySonu Chauhan   10:00 AM
21-Aug-2022SundayOnkar Otari   10:00 AM

Find the schedule below for the classes: CE

Live DateDayFacultySubjectSubject NameTitleClass LinkTime
5-Jun-2022SundayAbhinav Negi    11:00 AM
12-Jun-2022SundayRicha Gupta    11:00 AM
19-Jun-2022SundayJoshit Singh    11:00 AM
26-Jun-2022SundayAbhinav Negi    11:00 AM
3-Jul-2022SundayRicha Gupta    11:00 AM
10-Jul-2022SundayJoshit Singh    11:00 AM
17-Jul-2022SundayAbhinav Negi    11:00 AM
24-Jul-2022SundayRicha Gupta    11:00 AM
31-Jul-2022SundayJoshit Singh    11:00 AM
7-Aug-2022SundayAbhinav Negi    11:00 AM
14-Aug-2022SundayRicha Gupta    11:00 AM
21-Aug-2022SundayJoshit Singh    11:00 AM

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