Summary Of The Poem The Quality Of Mercy By William Shakespeare

By K Balaji|Updated : November 13th, 2022

The poetry "The quality of mercy" in brief

In order to effectively portray the idea that every man possesses a drop of mercy from the great merciful God, the poet skillfully employs numerous figures of speech in this poem to represent a variety of human attributes.

In this poem, the poet has skillfully and imaginatively praised the quality of mercy.

The poet claims that man receives pity because of his right and unfairness toward him.

Man loses his humanity once he fails to recognise the importance and virtue of mercy and is instead surrounded by fake enjoyment, fear, power, and selfishness.


Summary of The Poem The Quality of Mercy By William Shakespeare

The summary of the poem skillfully conveys the idea that every individual possesses a drop of mercy from the great merciful God by describing numerous aspects of human nature.

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