Suggest three Measures to Protect Ourselves from Lightning

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 8th, 2022

Measures to protect ourselves from lighting include safety practices. While lightening, it is suggested that the person must stay in a closed room. If the person is outside, they can stay in a closed car. One should not stand next to or under the trees or in an open area as it will be prone to lightning. Lastly, the wires should not be touched.

Safety Measures to Protect Ourselves from Lightning

Follows these measures on how to protect ourselves from lightning-

  • Never stand under a tree as it can fall off during the lightning.
  • Stay in a secure place like home or similar. If you are not at home, stay inside a car.
  • Never stay in open fields as you will be directly prone to being struck by lightning.
  • Avoid using metal surfaces.
  • The electrical wires and telephone lines should not be touched.

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  • The car is made of metal, and using metals is not advised during lightning. But, you can need o stay inside a car as it is insulted and doesn’t conduct current to the inner surface.

  • During lightning, one should stay in a secure place or closed car and never under a tree or in the open field. Also, the conducting material should not be touched.

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