Success story of JEE Main Toppers|| Nikshep Manishkum(AIR 5365)

By Prashant Kumar|Updated : July 6th, 2018

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In the month of April 2018, JEE Main 2018 was conducted to select the bright candidates for admission into premier engineering institutes such as NITs/IIITs/IISERs and GFTIs. The result of JEE Main 2018 was published on 30th April 2018. Based on JEE Main 218 result, JEE Advanced exam was taken on 20th May 2018. Today we are going to share the success story of one of our user - Nikshep Manishkum, who secured an AIR 5365 in  JEE Main 2018. His story will tell you the tips to learn from other's mistake and how to keep moving on the ladder of success. 

He had an immense self-belief and he knew his strong and weak areas. He worked on all the weak areas with the help of class-notes, quizzes and practising previous year papers. He made a schedule based on strong and weak areas and followed that religiously. Thus he kept on moving the path slowly but surely. We talked to Nikshep and below are some of the excerpts out of our conversation. 

  • How did you manage to get a good rank in JEE?
    I wanted to secure a seat of my choice i.e., a good branch in a premier engineering college. I knew that without securing a good rank, it would be tough to get the desired choice. Thus, I kept on propelling myself following my schedule. I had a strong will and that helped me in surpassing everyone and getting a good rank in JEE Main. 
  • How did you manage pressure during the last two months of the examination?
    From my seniors, I came to know the importance of the last two months. I discussed all the intricacies of the final revision plan. Thereafter, I made a perfect revision plan based on my strong and weak areas. I was totally focused on my exam thus I avoided any conversation that may bring any conflict in my mind. 
  • How extensively did you practice the mock test papers and previous year question papers?
    In my last two months of revision plan, I solved many mock papers involving previous year papers too. To solve these mocks, I followed the schedule similar to that of JEE Main to ensure my question solving efficiency during the exam. 

  • What advice do you want to share with the future JEE aspirants?
    I have three advice to share with all of you. 
    • You can surpass many of your competitors in a short period of time even if it is just three months. You just need to make a schedule and follow that diligently. 
    • To get a good college and branch, you have to work smartly. To do this, be in your schedule and work on your weak areas. Solve as many questions as possible. 
    • Have a healthy lifestyle, it boosts your confidence and will power which are crucial to ace this exam. 

Nikshep was of the opinion that technology can help an aspirant tremendously in his/her preparation. He emphasized that Gradeup app is very much useful in JEE Main preparation as the app contains quality quizzes, a proper schedule and most importantly mentors from top IITs and NITs. He opined that mentors play a very crucial role in one's preparation as they help in avoiding many mistakes and keep the aspirant on the right path. 

This was the success story of Nikshep Manishkum

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In coming days, we will share more such inspirational and success stories! Stay in touch with us and keep preparing. 

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I will give cbse improvement exam how should i cop up with jee in my dropping year
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Sir, what about Lakshay's story?
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Yash PankajJul 11, 2018

whats your marks in jee mains ?

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