Study Notes on Mathematic Pedagogy Part – 2 for CTET & TET Exam

By Ashish Kumar|Updated : June 28th, 2017

Mathematics Pedagogy Part – 2

Pedagogy is the Important subject of mathematics, In this topic, 12 to 15 question asked CTET exam and 8 to 10 question asked in State TET exam. I have already shared Notes on Mathematics Pedagogy Part - 1 & Today we are sharing Mathematics Part - 2.  

Self-Study in Mathematics:

Self-study means individual’s own independent study. The individual learns and studies himself and individual attempts and solves the problems himself without any outside help. Sometimes preparations of projects, debates, discussions, seminars and other competitions also require self-study. It also develops self-confidence and self-independence in the children so that they do not hesitate in tackling problems.

Importance of Self Study:

  • It develops the sense of responsibility and regularity.
  • The child works/studies independently
  • The child gets the opportunity to use his own knowledge and experiences
  • Self-study discourage habit of cramming
  • It helps in proper utilization of leisure time.
  • It develops heuristic and problem-solving attitude in the children.
  • It is the best way to supplement the class work.

Assignment in Mathematics:

The assignment is a sort of undertaking or commitment on the part of the learner. Assignment in Mathematics includes two different kinds of problem.

  • Repetitive problems
  • Review problems

Purposes of Assignment in Mathematics:

  • To solve mathematics problems
  • To prepare illustrations for a topic
  • To collect mathematical data
  • To solve sides based on a proposition
  • To understand a proposition or a group of propositions
  • To trace out the background of a mathematical problem/concept
  • To formulate problems on a topic/concepts

Brain Storming in Mathematics:

Brainstorming is democratic and problem-centred technique. It is based on the modern theory of generalization of the task. This technique encourages the creativity amongst the children. All the children think over the problem independently and then they discuss and arrange the debate. It is not necessary whether the ideas and view the children are meaningful or not. The teacher writes children’s views and ideas on the blackboard. In this way, the problem is solved through brainstorming.

Place of Mathematics in School Curriculum:

The curriculum includes all those activities, experiences and environment, which the child receives during his educational career under the guidance of educational authorities. Thus, the curriculum is the total education of the child.

In education, the importance and the place of a particular subject depends on the fact that “to what extent the subject is helpful in achieving the aims of the education”

The present age is the age of science and information. Whatever, technological and physical progress being made, shall be correspondent to the role of Mathematics. Being so important “what place should be given to mathematics in the curriculum?” , in school Kothari Commission has explained about placing mathematics as a compulsory subject up to higher secondary or tenth standard and has said, “Mathematics should be made a compulsory subject for the students of 1st to 10th standard, as a part of general education. Thus, we can give certain logical points regarding mathematics as a compulsory subject. These are as follows

If mathematics is not given an important place in the curriculum, then students would not get any opportunity for mental training and in the absence if it, their intellectual development might be affected.

For gaining the knowledge of mathematics, no innate power is required; it is separate from the ability of study of other subjects.

Training of reasoning thinking, discipline, self-confidence and emotions are developed in students by mathematics.

Through mathematics, children gain knowledge systematically. It is needed either forwardly or adversely for studying almost all the subjects because it is considered as the basis of the science of each and every art.

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