Stress Management While CAT Exam Preparation: Know Stress Free Ways to Prepare for Exam

By Aditi Joshi|Updated : February 21st, 2022

CAT Exam is one of the most opted MBA entrance exams in the country. You can get admission to numerous management institutes across the country based on your CAT Exam score. Due to such high competition and the number of applicants, CAT preparation might seem stressful. 

There are numerous methods for dealing with stress. All you have to do now is pick up the pace and prepare for the final stages of the battle. Our exam experts have curated a few ways for stress management during CAT preparation. 


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Stress Management during CAT preparation

Follow the below-mentioned tips to remain stress-free and remain focused on CAT exam preparation. 

Be Focused On Your Goals:

First and foremost, you must understand that the CAT is one of the "toughest" exams if you believe so. The candidates are finding it difficult as the number of applicants is more as compared to the number of seats in different MBA colleges. To "Bell the Cat," you need to polish your concepts and improve your logical thinking, reasoning, and analytical skills. 

Try to be confident and surround yourself with positive energy while you're doing this. Speak with experts, MBA students, and other candidates about their CAT exam experiences. Try not to be locked up at your study table 24 hours a day. Strive to get out once in a while. This will relieve some of the tension and anxiety connected with writing the CAT and make it much more achievable. 

Also, check CAT Strategy for Re-takers

Plan your CAT Preparation:

The unknown causes anxiety, as do the "what ifs" that run through your mind. The more you learn, the fewer "what ifs" you'll encounter. Understand the CAT Exam Pattern & CAT Exam Syllabus to feel comfortable with the exam.

Know which sort of questions need to be focused on based on the CAT Question Paper. If you plan your preparation based on CAT exam requirements and time left, you will be in a better position to excel.  You'll be able to overcome your nervousness if you're confident. Check Daily Time Table for CAT Preparation 

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Practice CAT Mock Test:

Practice more and more mock tests to ace this exam. Continue to review the fundamentals and most common formulae. The more you practice CAT Mock Tests, the more comfortable you will be while attempting the CAT exam. You will be acquainted with the question paper pattern and the time required to solve them.

Meditate and Relax:

Close your eyes and think about your future dreams. Take deep breathes. Listen to Gregorian chants that you enjoy. Relax as much as possible in the days coming up to the CAT. This isn't to say you shouldn't study, but you should not pressurize yourself. 

Also, keep in mind that the CAT is not a test you can shove for; you'll know the majority of the material well before the last few days, and whatever you try to learn at the last minute will be irrelevant. Do some practice questions and focus on your time management approach again, but don't get too carried away. 

Keep your Head Up:

When you get stuck on the first question, one of the worst things about test anxiety is that you lose confidence. Don't let that happen. The CAT Exam is supposed to be difficult for everyone, so don't be too hard on yourself if you don't know the answer to a question. 


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  • Be focused on your study. Always follow routine-wise studies for CAT preparation. Do not study anything irrelevant to the CAT syllabus.

  • If you attempt mock tests regularly, your stress will be automatically reduced as these test series will help you to analyze your CAT preparation level. 

  • The ideal time for CAT preparation is after completing the graduation studies because, during this period, you are already in the flow of studies. But if you think that you need a promotion at the managerial level, you can prepare for the CAT exam.

  • It cannot be said as everything will depend on your understanding level. But try to give at least 6-8 months for CAT preparation to cover the entire CAT Syllabus.

  • You can follow NCERT books for your basic understanding of CAT QA. It will assist you in starting CAT preparation from a basic level.

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