Stiffeners are the Members Provided to Prevent

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 6th, 2022

In plate girder, Stiffeners are the members provided to prevent:

  1. Compressive stresses
  2. Tearing failure
  3. Web crippling
  4. Buckling of web plate

Answer: D. Buckling of web plate

In plate girder, stiffeners are the members provided to prevent web buckling.


Stiffeners are the members provided to prevent buckling of web plate.

  • These stiffeners can be found in both transverse and longitudinal orientations, which are referred to as vertical stiffeners, or in both directions.
  • At the support regions, a certain portion of the web acts as column i.e., compression member and there is a possibility of web buckling and hence bearing stiffeners are required.
  • If concentrated loads are also acting on the girder then intermediate stiffeners are required to prevent the web from buckling.
  • Longitudinal stiffeners are provided to improve buckling strength of the web.

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