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Static GK Quiz II Law Entrance Exam II 29.11.2022

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Question 1

Jarawa tribes belongs to which of the following states/ UTs?

Question 2

Simon Commission came to India in which year?

Question 3

Nawab Siraj-ud-duala was the ruler of which state/region?

Question 4

Greenfield Airport in Hollongi is being constructed in which state?

Question 5

Which among the following persons is not related to paintings?

Question 6

Monpa tribal community belongs to which state who celebrated their traditional Torgya Festival recently?

Question 7

Which article divides the power between the Union and the State in terms of three lists?

Question 8

Maru Mahotsav is celebrated in which state?

Question 9

The world's third-largest cricket stadium is going to be built in which city of India?

Question 10

Khijadia Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state that has been declared Ramsar sites recently?
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