State Two Economically Important Uses of (a) Heterotrophic Bacteria (b) Archaebacteria

By Aarna Tiwari|Updated : August 23rd, 2022

Heterotrophic Bacteria derive energy from organic compounds and help in nutrient recycling. Archaebacteria flourish without oxygen and can live in various environments. They are thus called extremophiles.

Heterotrophic Bacteria and Archaebacteria

The Two Economically important uses of Heterotrophic Bacteria and Archaebacteria are:

  • Heterotrophic Bacteria
    • Aids in fixing nitrogen for plants, like Rhizobium.
    • Help in the formation of curd, like Lactobacillus
  • Archaebacteria
    • Used in bioleaching of minerals.
    • Used in the production of gobar gas which is used as fuel, such as Methanobacterium

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  • Heterotrophic Bacteria derive energy from organic compounds, decompose dead and decaying plants and animal remnants, and help biodegradation. Heterotrophic bacteria are used for making curd, antibiotics, nitrogen-fixation, etc.

  • Archaebacteria provide significant routes for ammonia oxidation in the environment. They survive in extreme environments. Examples of archaebacteria are Methanobacteria or Pyrolobus and Halobacterium.

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