State Some Economic Benefits of Rivers and Lakes

By Shivank Goel|Updated : October 6th, 2022

Some economic benefits of rivers and lakes are Irrigation, Hydropower Generation, Development of Tourism, Navigation, etc. When humans first began settling, the proximity of water bodies favored that, water was thought to be vital for survival. Later on, these villages grew into big cities. Rivers are considered the most important water source in countries like India, where most people depend on agriculture for subsistence. Each country needs its own tourism industry, and rivers and lakes can be used for tourism development. We will learn about the economic benefits of rivers and lakes in this article.

Economic Benefits of Rivers and Lakes

Of the 2.5% of the Earth's fresh water, less than 1% is needed for humans to survive. Fresh water is needed for the survival of humans. It is a habitat for aquatic animals and supports the development of fisheries, which create jobs and improve food security.

  • Irrigation: Agriculture cannot function without irrigation. The majority of the population in India works in agriculture, which is the foundation of the Indian economy.
  • Navigation: It has been a practice for centuries to connect with distant places by navigating through bodies of water. Water travel is considered a reasonably priced mode of transport.
  • Development of Tourism: Tourism is vital to the economy of any country, and arid regions require interconnected water sources for tourism. Water is vital to human survival, and tourism and recreation outweigh the economic benefits of lakes and rivers.
  • Hydropower Generation: It is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical power. Mechanical energy is created from running water and is considered a reasonably priced and sustainable energy source.

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FAQs on Economic Benefits of Rivers and Lakes

  • Humans place high importance on rivers and lakes, supporting the growth of fisheries and hydropower and supplying water for industries. They will improve the beauty of the environment, promote tourism, and offer recreational opportunities.

  • For plants and animals that require constant water, such as fish like the arctic charr, a variety of water plants including Long-stalked Pondweed, and the critically endangered Glutinous Snail, lakes are crucial ecosystems.

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