State One Prudential Reason and One Moral Reason for Power Sharing with an Example from the Indian Context

By Shivank Goel|Updated : August 24th, 2022

A political system known as "power-sharing" appears to be one in which control is shared across numerous governmental institutions, departments, social groups, political parties, campaign organizations, and activities. The judicial, executive and legislative branches have equal authority in India. Here, we have provided one Prudential Reason and one Moral Reason for power sharing with an example from the Indian context.

Prudential Reason and Moral Reason for Power Sharing

The concept of power-sharing was born out of opposition to ideas of undivided political authority. The prudential reason is that power-sharing will produce better results. The moral reason for power sharing emphasizes the value of the power-sharing act. The following is the one prudential reason and one moral reason for power sharing with an example from the Indian context:

  • Prudential Reason: Sharing authority contributes to a reduction in conflict between distinct social groups. Power sharing is therefore essential to preserving social harmony and peace. In India, seats are set aside for members of society who are less fortunate. For instance, seats for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes are reserved. This enables the weaker groups to manage the government as well.
  • Moral Reason: It maintains democracy's ideals. In a genuinely democratic system, the people themselves are involved in governing. The public can gather and discuss the government's decisions and policies in India. Therefore, the government is under pressure to review its actions and policies.

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  • Prudent Reason: Power distribution reduces tensions between distinct collective organizations. Power sharing is essential for preserving societal harmony and peace. Moral Reason: Prudential power-sharing arguments include averting majority dictatorship and reducing social conflict.

  • The critical feature of the prudential reason is its emphasis on the inherent value of power sharing. It is based on meticulous calculations of gains and losses as well. Additionally, moral considerations are used to support it.

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