State differences between Acids and Bases.

By Ritesh|Updated : November 15th, 2022

Acids are sour in taste and bases are bitter in taste. Acids turn the blue litmus paper to red and bases do not change their colour. Acids with china rose indicator gives dark pink colour and bases with china rose indicator gives green colour. Differences between Acids and Bases:



The taste of them is sour.

The taste of these is bitter.

Acids cause blue litmus to become red.

Blue litmus' colour does not alter as a result of bases.

Red litmus remains the same colour when exposed to acids.

Litmus causes bases to turn red.

These have a dark pink colour when used as a china rose indication.

With a china rose indicator, bases display a green colour.

The indication for turmeric is not coloured differently by acids.

Bases cause the turmeric indicator's colour to turn red.

Properties of acids

  • Acids have a tendency to corrode.
  • They are effective electrical conductors.
  • Their pH levels are never greater than 7.
  • These chemicals react with metals to form hydrogen gas.
  • Acids have a sour flavour.
  • Examples: Sulfuric acid [H2SO4], Hydrochloric acid [HCl], and Acetic acid [CH3COOH].

Properties of bases

  • When touched, they reveal a soapy texture.
  • When these compounds are dissolved in water, hydroxide ions (OH- ions) are released.
  • The aqueous solutions of bases are effective electrical conductors.
  • Bases have pH values that are always higher than 7.
  • Bases have the power to turn red litmus paper blue and have an unpleasant taste.
  • Examples: Sodium hydroxide [NaOH], milk of magnesia [Mg(OH)2], and calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH)2].


State differences between Acids and Bases.

Acids have a sour flavour, while bases have a bitter flavour. Bases do not alter the colour of the blue litmus paper, but acids do. Bases with china rose indicator produces green colour, while acids with it produce dark pink colour.


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