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Question 1

Tensile strength of concrete is measured by:

Question 2

The rectangular or the block pattern has been adopted in the city roads of

Question 3

Which of the following method is used for speed and delay study?

Question 4

Deduction at T-junction of the wall for total length of the central line is _____.

Question 5

An equal angle of area A has been welded on one side of the Gusset plate and carries tension along the axis. What is the net effective area of the angle as per IS 800:1984?

Question 6

For double angles carrying tension, placed back to back and connected to either side of the gusset plate, the sectional area of the section, is equal to the cross sectional area of

Question 7

A body is said to move with Simple Harmonic Motion, if its acceleration is ______.

Question 8

The diameter of a domestic sewer pipe laid at gradient 1 in 150 is recommended _______.

Question 9

The process involved in chlorination after breakpoint chlorination are

Question 10

For a gauge pressure of A of - 10.89 kPa, what is the specific gravity of the gauge liquid B in the figure below?

Question 11

Equation of continuity is based on the principle of conservation of _____.

Question 12

The ultimate bearing capacity of a soil is 300 KN/m2. The depth of foundation is 1 m and unit weight of soil is 20 KN/m3. Choosing a factor of safety of 2.5, the net safe bearing capacity is:

Question 13

The allowable bearing capacity at 25 mm allowable settlement for a footing in a sandy soil is 15 t/m2. The allowable bearing capacity for the same footing permitting a settlement of 40 mm is:

Question 14

The double mass curve of rainfall does not provide which of the following quantities.

Question 15

The method of growing crops on rides, running on the sides of water ditches, is known as

Question 16

A reinforced concrete column of square cross section i.e. 400x400 mm2 has factored load of 600 kN that can be applied safely. If the factored moment from a column – moment interaction diagram is 360 kNm, then maximum uniaxial eccentricity at which the factored load can be applied safely is

Question 17

A clay layer of thickness 10 cm and initial void ratio 0.5 undergoes settlement so that the final void ratio is 0.2. The settlement of the layer in cm is:

Question 18

As soon as the external forces causing deformation in a perfectly elastic body are withdrawn, the elastic deformation disappears:

Question 19

For the beam shown below, what are the distribution factors at joint B? (Assume C as hinge) support)

Question 20

Which type of survey facilitates field observations and the plotting on a sheet simultaneously?
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