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Question 1

Principal plane is defined as a plane on which the shear stress is:

Question 2

A rigid jointed frame with three bays and two stories has two fixed column supports and two hinged. The degree of static indeterminacy of structure is:

Question 3

The reduction in project time normally results in :

Question 4

Which of the following is CORRECT ratio for Froude number?

Question 5

Goose neck are used to connect

Question 6

Calculate the evaporation from a pond, if the pan evaporation is 60 mm. The pan coefficient is 0.60.

Question 7

Psychological widening, at horizontal curves, is

Question 8

Which of the following is true for the correction for the curvature?

Question 9

A ship’s model of scale 1:100 had a wave resistance of 1 N at its design speed. The corresponding wave resistance (in N) in prototype will be ______.

Question 10

The watering done prior to sowing of a crop

Question 11

Which of the following is correct statement for the cross slope of the shoulder?

Question 12

Which method of contouring is most suitable for hilly terrains?

Question 13

The angle of inclination of the plane at which the body begins to move down the plane, is called

Question 14

The deflection at the mid span of beam AB by unit load method will be:-

Question 15

If is the stiffness member at a joint, the distribution factor for the member is:

Question 16

Work Breakdown Structure for a construction project will help in:

Question 17

What is the food to micro-organism ratio in an aeration tank having following data?

Flow = 1 MLD, MLSS = 2000 mg/L Influent BOD5 = 200 mg/L

Volume of aeration tank = 500 m3

Question 18

By using Bligh’s theory for the design of floor if residual head at any section is 0.42 m and specific gravity of material is 2.4, what will be thickness of floor?

Question 19

Determine the safe slopping flight distance for design speed of 14 m/s for two-way traffic on a two lane road assuming the coefficient of friction as 0.28 and a reaction time of 2 seconds.

Question 20

The ratio of focal length of the objective to stadia interval is called _______
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