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Question 1

The ratio of moment of inertia about the neutral axis to the distance of te most distant point of the section from the neutral axis is called ____.

Question 2

A filter bed is composed of 12 inches of uniform anthracite with an average size of 1.6 mm for a filtration rate of 4 gal/ft2/min (or 160L/min/m2) (temperature is 20°C; particle shape factor: 0.50; kinematic viscosity: 1.091 x 10-5 ft2/s). Calculate Reynolds number?

Question 3

According to Khosla’s theory, the exit gradient in the absence of a downstream cutoff is:-

Question 4

Which of the following is true in case of railway track maintenance?

Question 5

A tower of height 200m is photographed using a camera of focal length 2.5cm from an altitude of 1250m. The relief displacement is 8 mm and the distance of the top of the tower from the principal point on the photograph is 12 mm.

It is observed that the aircraft is directly flying in the direction of the tower. If the speed of the aircraft is 180kmph, how long will it take for the aircraft to pass directly over the tower?

Question 6

A 20 cm centrifugal pump delivers 13.2 Ips at a head of 45 m when running at a speed of 1350 r.p.m. A similarly designed pump of 15 cm size runs at the same speed. What are the most likely values of discharge and delivery head serviced by this second pump?

Question 7

One liter of sewage, when allowed to settle for 30 minutes gives a sludge volume of 27 cm3. If the dry weight of this sludge is 3.0 grams, then its sludge volume index will be

Question 8

Sensitivity of a modular outlet is equal to

Question 9

The reception signal is

Question 10

A camera of focal length 15 cm is used to take images of the ground at an altitude of 2100m from the mean sea level. The size of the photograph is 25 cm × 25 cm. The ground is at 300 m from the sea level and the area of the ground is 108 sqkm. If the longitudinal overlap is 60% and the side lap is 40%, find the number of photographs required.

Question 11

The maximum tensile stress in a cantilever beam with concentrated load acting downwards on the span is caused at:

Question 12

In column Analogy method, the area of an analogous column for fixed beam of span ‘L’ and flexural rigidity ‘EI’ is taken as:-

Question 13

A type of bond in a brick masonry Consisting of alternate course of headers and stretchers, is called

Question 14

In PERT analysis of a project having large number of activities in its critical path, which of the following assumption is correct?

Question 15

Rankine’s formula is used for the analysis of steel compression member if the slenderness ratio () is:-

Question 16

If fckf is the characteristic strength of concrete then as per the Indian Standard (IS) 456 : 2000, the modulus of elasticity of concrete is

Question 17

A soil sample has liquid limit = 45%, plastic limit of 25%, shrinkage limit = 15% for natural water content of 30%, the consistency Index for the sample is:-

Question 18

How many constraints are there in a free-rotation support used in a planar system?

Question 19

A fixed beam AB is subjected to a triangular load varying from zero at end A to W per unit length at end B. The ratio of fixed end moment at B to A will be:

Question 20

A rigid frame detailed to provide good ductility and support for both lateral and gravity loads by flexural action is called:
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