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Question 1

Shear stress and velocity gradient for a Newtonian fluid are

Question 2

A catchment of area 100 ha received a rainfall of 10 cm in 2 h due to storm. At the outlet of the catchment, the stream draining the catchment was dry before the storm and experienced a runoff lasting for 8 h with an average discharge value of 2 m3/s. the stream was again dry after the runoff event. What is the loss of water?

Question 3

Intensity of irrigation ________.

Question 4

The conventional sign shown in the figure below represents a.

Question 5

If the R.L of a B.M. is 100 .00 m, the back-sight is 1.215 m and the foresight is 1 .870 m, the R.L. of the forward station is:

Question 6

For a 2D incompressible steady flow of fluid velocity V = (x2 – 2xy) i + v j. the velocity in y direction at (1,1) is 2 m/s. find total acceleration at (1,1) in m/s2.

Question 7

The probability of a 10-year flood to occur at least once in the next 4 years is

Question 8

Which of the following is the correct assumption of the Kennedy’s theory?

Question 9

If the stopping distance and average length of a vehicle are 18 m and 6 m respectively, then the theoretical maximum capacity (vehicles per hour) of a traffic lane at a speed of 10 m/sec is (f=0.35)

Question 10

Two straight lines intersect at an angle of 60°. The radius of a curve joining the two straight lines is 600 m. The length of long chord and mid-ordinates, in metres, respectively of the curve are

Question 11

The Reynolds number for flow of an oil in a certain pipe is 640. The Darcy- weibach friction factor for this flow is

Question 12

By using Gumbel’s method, the flood discharge with a return period of 500 years at a particular township neighborhood was estimated as 18000 m3/s with a probable error of 2000 m3/s. What are the 95% confidence probability limits of the 500 year flood at the location?

Question 13

For a discharge of 2.01 m3/s and silt factor f = 0.85 using Lacey’s theory, the velocity is

Question 14

The water resistance of bitumen is _______.

Question 15

1f the intercept on a vertical staff is observed as 0.75 m from a tacheometer with the line of sight horizontal, fitted with anallatic lens;the horizontal distance between the tacheometer and the staff station is

Question 16

What fraction of volume of solid piece of metal of specific gravity 6.20 floats above the surface of a container of Mercury with specific gravity of 13.60?

Question 17

The design flood commonly adopted in India for barrages and minor dams is

Question 18

The gross commanded area for a distributary is 6000 hectares, 80% of which is culturable irrigable. The intensity of irrigation for Kharif season is 25%. The area to be irrigated in Kharif season is ______ hectares.

Question 19

According to the recommendations of Nagpur Conference the width formation of an ideal National Highway in hard rock cutting is _____.

Question 20

In an octagonal closed traverse the closing error found from the FB and BB of last line is +60. The correction to the third line would be
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