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Question 1

Curing a concrete for long period ensures better

Question 2

When actual cost of construction plus certain profit is paid to the contractor then such a contract is known as ________.

Question 3

The field test for the quality of cement consists in putting a small quantity of cement in a bucket containing waterA good quality cement will:

Question 4

When plates are exposed to weather, tacking rivets are provided at a pitch in line not exceeding

Question 5

In case of hand mixing of concrete, the extra cement to be added is ______.

Question 6

Assuming the values of maximum deviation ∆P and ∆E to be 25% of the computed value of P and E respectively, the minimum value of the factor of safety is _________.

Question 7

What is the concentration of H+ ions in moles/L in water if the pOH value is 5?

Question 8

What is the theoretical value of the coefficient of contraction for the sharp edge orifice?

Question 9

Cohesion is 15 KN/m2, the unit weight of soil is 20 KN/m3, the factor of safety is 1.5 and the stability number is 0.05; the safe maximum height of the slope is:

Question 10

The coefficient of variation of the rainfall for six rain gauge stations in catchment was found to be 29.54%. The optimum number of stations in the catchment for an admissible 10% error in the estimation of the mean rainfall will be:

Question 11

If discharge through a channel is 1600 cumec. Then according to Lacey’s theory wetted perimeter can be

Question 12

In a beam M20 Grade of concrete and fe415 HYSD deformed bars has development length 720 mm, if 16 mm diameter bars are used as main reinforcement then the length of lap of reinforcement bars in tension is

Question 13

Way of improving the shear resistance of structural concrete members by prestressing techniques

Question 14

Undisturbed soil samples are required for conducting:

Question 15

A spherical shell of thickness 5 mm and diameter 150 mm is subjected to an internal pressure of , the ratio of longitudinal stress to the hoop stress is

Question 16

The_________ soil transported by the gravitational forces

Question 17

A road of uniform cross-section A and length L is deformed by , when subjected to a normal force P. The Young's modulus E of the material is





Question 18

Degree of static indeterminacy of a Rigid-jointed plane frame having 16 members, 6 reaction components and 9 joints is

Question 19

Calculate the capacity (vehicle per hour) of the road when reaction time of the driver is 2 seconds. The design speed is 80 kmph and average length of the vehicle is 6m. Take coefficient of friction as 0.35.

Question 20

How high should a helicopter pilot rise at a point A just to see the horizon at point B, if the distance AB is 100 km?
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