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Question 1

In the composition of good bricks, the total content of silt and clay, by weight, should not be less than:-

Question 2

The plan of a building is in the form of a rectangle with centre line dimensions of outer walls as The thickness of the wall in super structure is 0.30 m. What is the floor area of the building?

Question 3

The bulk density of aggregates depends upon its

Question 4

The tie in a bridge truss consists of two channels ISMC 150 @ 160.9 N/m. Two rivets of 18 mm diameter are likely to occur at a section. Find the maximum tension in the member can resist. Take gross area of two channels,  and area of four rivet holes,

Question 5

To obtain cement dry powder lime stones and shales or their slurry is burnt in a rotary kiln at a temperature between _____.

Question 6

Allowable working stress corresponding to the slenderness ratio of double angles placed back to back and connected to one side of a gusset plate is reduced to

Question 7

A town having a population of 30000 persons is producing the domestic sewage at the rate of 120 lpcd having 200 mg/l of BOD . Calculate the quantity of BOD of domestic sewage per day?

Question 8

A uniform horizontal pipe of length 120 cm leads from a reservoir holding water to a depth of 90 cm above the open end of the pipe. What minimum length of piezometer is required to measure pressure at a point 40 cm from the open end?

Question 9

According to Skempton’s formula for a surface footing of square shape, the ultimate bearing capacity on a purely cohesive soil of cohesion C is:

Question 10

The peak of flood hydrograph due to a 3 h duration isolated storm in a catchment is 270 m3/s. The total depth of rainfall is 5.9 cm. Assuming an average infiltration loss of 0.3 cm/h and a constant base flow of 20 m3/s, estimate the peak of the 3 h unit hydrograph of this catchment?

Question 11

What will be the frequency of irrigation, if allowable depletion depth between irrigation is 15 mm and the daily water used by crop is 3 mm/day?

Question 12

Punching shear is an important consideration in case of:

Question 13

When the resultant compression under service loads is located at the upper kern point than

Question 14

When a sample of medium sand was tested in a constant head permeameter, if the cross section area of sample is 100 cm2, hydraulic gradient is 10 and Discharge collected is 10 cc/sec. Then coefficient of permeability of the sand is

Question 15

A simply supported beam with a gradually varying load from zero at B and 10 kN/m at A as shown in figure. If the length of beam is 6 m, Then the shear force at B is equal to

Question 16

In fine grained soils, if adsorbed water is present inside the soil then the permeability of soil is:

Question 17

  The compressive required for the shortening of 0.1 mm for in a steel rod of length 1 m and diameter 28 mm is (E = 200 GPa)

Question 18

Which method is not used in the analysis of a fixed beam?

Question 19

The overlay design is laid for a maximum life span of?

Question 20

In levelling of a continuously sloping ground, 4 points (A, B, C and D) reading without any obstruction were taken with a dumpy level and a 4 m levelling staff at 30 m intervals. The readings of points A, B, C and D are 0.680 m, 1.455 m, 1.855 m and 2.330 m respectively. The Reduced level of D point was 79.100 m. The reduced Level of the point A is:
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