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Question 1

The most commonly used retarder in cement is:

Question 2

What is the ratio (approximate) of 7 days and 28 days strength of cement concrete?

Question 3

How many bricks are required for 1 cubic meter of brick masonry work?

Question 4

Calculate the value of a pump after 5 years, if the annual depreciation value is Rs. 200. The original cost of the pump is Rs. 3000 and the useful life of the pump is 10 years.

Question 5

For estimation of the masonry work and excavation work, accuracy requirement in the measurement of the length as compared to thickness or width is _________.

Question 6

According to I.S. : 800 – 1871, lacing bars resist transverse shear equal to___________.

Question 7

If the value of a 20 mm diameter rivet in a lap joint connecting two plates 10 mm and 15 mm thick, then bearing strength of one rivet is

(Take  and)

Question 8

Calculate the total 5 days BOD of sewage in kg per day, if the average sewage from the city is 100x106 litre per day and the average 5 day is 300 mg/litre.

Question 9

Landfills primarily compromised of gases which are produced by the landfills

Question 10

What is the cause of bulking of sewage?

Question 11

A Pelton wheel working under a constant head and discharge, has maximum efficiency when the speed ratio is: ­

Question 12

If the capillary rise of water in a 1 mm diameter tube is 3 cm, the height of capillary rise of water in a 0.2 mm diameter tube in cm will be:

Question 13

At a site having a deposit of dry sandy soil, an average soil of standard penetration resistance N equal to 6 was recorded. The compactness of the soil deposit can be described as:

Question 14

The volume of atmosphere moisture is 12900 km3 and the flow rate of precipitation is 577000 km3/yr. Find the residence time of moisture?

Question 15

Guide banks are provided to:

Question 16

A RC beam is of effective span 5500 mm. The permissible deflection in beam including the effect of all heads along with temperature, creep and shrinkage is:

Question 17

Building codes require the partition load to be considered even without partition if live load is less than:

Question 18

The material of a rubber balloon has a Poisson’s ratio of 0.5. If uniform pressure is applied to blow the balloon, the volumetric strain of the material will be

Question 19

For a circular column having its ends fixed,the slenderness ratio is 160. The l/d ratio of the columns is

Question 20

The flexibility matrix of the beam shown in the given figure is

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