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Question 1

What should be done to ensure constant moisture content in aggregates?

Question 2

The minimum crushing strength for the first class brick should not be less than

Question 3

High alumina cement is produced by fusing together a mixture of

Question 4

What is the representative fraction for a scale of 10 cm = 20 km?

Question 5

The area of a field found to be 2000 m2 when measured with a 30 m tape. Determine the correct area if the tape was found to be 0.30 m too short?

Question 6

Lateral ties in RC columns are provided to resist

Question 7

Flexural strength of M50 grade concrete is

Question 8

In bonded post-tensioning

Question 9

In the absence of detail design, the percentage of steel in concrete in the beams can be taken as

Question 10

In long wall and short wall method, the length of the short wall is equal to the center to center length of wall minus ____________

Question 11

According to Euler’s column theory, the crippling load of a column is given by . In this equation, the value of C for a column one end fixed and other end free, is

Question 12

Pick up the correct statement from the following

Question 13

How many cases out of the following are improperly constrained?

(1) Parallel forces

(2) concurrent forces

(3) perpendicular forces

(4) only moment

Question 14

When the mach number is more than 6, the flow is called

Question 15

In a pipe when the valve is closed suddenly, then due to high pressure

Question 16

A particular soil sample is subjected to test for the determination of permeability coefficient in two separate constant head permeameters, whose specifications are as under

If the test on both the permeameter are conducted with equal head of water applied on the samples, then the ratio of amount of water discharged by the permeameter A and B during a period of one hour will be:

Question 17

Bulking of sand occurs in the moisture content of _____.

Question 18

Allowable disposable rate of application of sludge on land is determined by:

Question 19

Critical velocity, defined by Kennedy, is proportional to

Question 20

The bulk specific gravity of a bituminous mix is 2.4 and its theoretical specific gravity is 2.5. Caluculate the percentage of air voids in the  bituminous mix
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