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Question 1

The accumulation of water on outer surface of concrete is:

Question 2

Which of the following shows the CORRECT expression for target mean strength (fcm) of concrete, if the characteristic strength and standard deviation is given by fck and σ respectively?

Question 3

The brick work is measured in square metre, in case of

Question 4

Number of links in 20 m metric chain is ___________.

Question 5

The correction to be applied to each 30 meter chain length along 0 ° slope is _______.

Question 6

The maximum area of compression reinforcement in a beam is

Given that d = effective depth,b = width and D = overall depth,

Question 7

If fck is the characteristic strength of concrete cube then design strength of concrete is:

Question 8

Method of tensioning used in Lee-McCall system

Question 9

Which of the following is NOT included in the floor area?

(1) Clear coverage area

(2) Area of the walls

(3) Sills of the doors

(4) Sills of the windows

Question 10

Calculate the quantity (cubic meter) of the concrete used in a pier of 1.2 m diameter and 6 m length. The pier is reinforced with 8 bars of 25 mm diameter.

Question 11

A mild steel beam is simply supported beam. It has constant moment of inertia = 106 mm4. The entire length of the beam is subjected to a constant BM of 107 Nmm. E = 2 x 105 N/mm2. What is the radius curvature of the bent beam in meters?

Question 12

The ratio of tangential and normal components of a stress on an inclined plane through θ ° to the direction of the force is _____.

Question 13

The shape of cable under uniformly distributed horizontal load is ______.

Question 14

Which of the following is the dimensionless parameter?

Question 15

Bernoulli’s theorem deals with the law of conservation of :

Question 16

The porosity of a soil sample is 0.40, then the void ratio of the soil will be (corrected to 2 decimal places)

Question 17

Given for a sample of river sand:

Void ratio at the densest state = 0.35

Void ratio at loosest stage = 1.1

Which one of the following correctly represents the relative density of the sample prepared with a void ratio of 1.0?

Question 18

Grit chamber removes particles of size

Question 19

The duty is minimum

Question 20

  The Fire point is the lowest temperature at which:
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